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The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB), which serves as the authorized training, credentialing and accreditation ecosystem, has begun the certification, accreditation and licensing process for the companies that will play critical roles in the CMMC ecosystem.

The first LPPs -- Licensed Partner Publishers, CMMC 3rd Party Assessment Organizations (C3PAOs), Registered Provider Organizations (RPOs), Certified Professionals (CPs), Certified Assessors (CAs) and Registered Providers (RPs)  -- to join the CMMC-AB ecosystem are listed below. Each has gone through a rigorous approval process and we are delighted to welcome them to the community securing our nation’s supply chain.









Captiva Solutions, LLC

Enlightening the Future!

Contact: Eberechi Ugwu-Amole

Captiva Solutions is a trusted, SBA Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) that provides full-service, end-to-end curriculum development, education and professional development, and consulting services in the IT and cybersecurity fields. We started in 2010 as one woman’s dream to train future cyberwarriors preparing them to confront and defend against next-generation threats. Since 2010, we have added a robust suite of technology solutions to our well-regarded, all-inclusive professional development and technical training services. Our range of consulting services include cybersecurity implementations and audits, compliance and readiness assessments, CIO/CISO support, enterprise risk management, and security engineering and operations. We are a registered training provider of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) and have been approved by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) sponsor.


CMMC Academy

Contact: Chris Gundel

The CMMC Academy, an initiative of cyber threat intelligence and sharing company Celerium, helps defense suppliers understand CMMC.

The Academy is a free resource for companies in the defense supply chain, with an emphasis on small to medium-sized companies that may need to comply with CMMC levels 1, 2, or 3. Programs include:
  • Live informational webinars. In July 2020, the Academy hosted a live CMMC Virtual Summit featuring Katie Arrington, the CISO of the DoD’s Acquisitions Office, as well as a legal panel, and interview with a key architect of CMMC.
  • An online reference guide to help contractors navigate CMMC practices.
  • The Academy is also working on CMMC Research activities that will include a Readiness Quiz and a Self-Assessment Guide.
The CMMC Academy International Alliance program brings together international organizations focused on supporting the implementation of CMMC. Initial members of the Alliance include Aviation ISAC and the American-Danish Business Council.

Community Colleges of Spokane Corporate & Continuing Education

Contact: Alissa Munoz

As a state higher education institution overseeing one of the largest assigned community college territories in the nation, the Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS) consists of two accredited colleges (Spokane Falls Community College and Spokane Community College) led by a single CCS District Administration. Within the District resides the Corporate & Continuing Education (CCE) Division. CCE has grown into one of the state's premier professional training organizations with a robust eLearning support division which aides in curriculum development and online learning support. This support enables the colleges to provide an affordable advanced training curriculum nationally in real time or via hybrid formats. CCE provides a wide range of noncredit professional development trainings ranging from leadership development and cybersecurity to health and medical courses. CCE also offers training to organizations around the nation which are customized to meet business needs.

Cyber Data Intelligence

CMMC Training and Accreditation

Contact: James Kraemer

Cyber Data Intelligence (CyberDI) protects your organization's data and the United States global supply chain.  As a mission driven company, we strive to provide the best content, training, consulting and applications to the CMMC community.
  1. Licenced Partner Publisher: CMMC Certified published content and materials
  2. Licenced Training Provider: Training for CMMC Certified Professionals and CMMC Certified Assessors
  3. CMMC Registered Provider: CMMC Consulting to provide organizations with gap analysis and remediation plans
  4. CMMC Assessment & Accreditation App (A3): Web-based tool for CMMC Collaboration
Licenced Partner Publisher: CyberDI's courses, textbooks, videos, and training guides are crafted by the world's premier educational psychologists, instructional designers, and cybersecurity subject matter experts.  All of our learning materials undergo rigorous validation and piloting studies conducted by outside third party organizations who make the data publicly available.
Licenced Training Provider:  CMMC training utilizing CyberDI’s premier courses and content. All implementers and assessors who participate will gain key insights and readiness for certification exams.  We provide online, face to face, and hybrid classes in training centers across the country.
CMMC Consulting: CyberDI’s assessors provide consulting services around gap analysis, remediation planning and self assessment preparation in order to meet current federal guidelines and prepare for future CMMC requirements.
CMMC Assessment & Accreditation App (A3): Consistent CMMC evaluations in an intuitive web-based application focused on CyberDataOps. A3 allows Organizations, Consultants and C3PAOs to collaborate on CMMC in a shared environment.  We utilize existing AI and machine learning models to leverage intelligence in your cyber data and identify threats.

Cyber Soldier, Inc.

Protect  |  Defend  |  Educate  |  Enlighten

Contact: Ron Fulton

Cyber Soldier, Inc. is a cyber security, risk management assessment and training company focused on dynamic resource deployment, operations optimization and asset protection across the information security landscape. Businesses of all sizes are threatened by complex and distributed interactions across all technology stacks, digital and data environments—on prem, mobile and cloud—as well as emerging Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) systems. We employ our agile methodologies, prescriptive analytics engines & emerging AI/ML enabled capabilities to provide insight and Enterprise foresight to secure and risk manage today’s ever-changing digital attack surfaces: people, applications and data.

We’re also an accredited training partner for professional organizations that certify cybersecurity and risk professionals, including the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification – Advisory Board (CMMC-AB).

We stand ready to assist your organization!

Edwards Performance Solutions

Innovative solutions from industry experts

Contact: Brian Hubbard

Edwards Performance Solutions helps clients improve operational performance - finding ways to improve productivity, profitability, and security. Since 1997, Edwards has provided innovative solutions to commercial businesses, Government agencies, and non-profit organizations through four core disciplines: Enterprise Management, IT Services, Training & Development, and Cybersecurity.

Our team of cybersecurity professionals have 10+ decades of combined experience assessing and interpreting standards to strengthen cybersecurity programs. Our assessments establish a plan of action based on business needs; we are committed to cybersecurity as a critical component to business success.

Edwards solutions work together for greater impact. Our Training team provides convenient learning from industry experts in various subjects; offering classroom and web-based platforms for flexibility. We help you achieve cyber goals and support overall success, with real people and real solutions.

Holistic Information Security Practitioner Institute (HISPI)

Promoting a holistic approach to Cybersecurity Management Beyond Compliance

Contact: Taiye Lambo

The Holistic Information Security Practitioner (HISP) Institute (HISPI) is an independent training, education and certification 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organization promoting a holistic approach to Cybersecurity, consisting of volunteers that are true information security practitioners, such as Chief Information Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Information Security Officers (ISOs), Information Security Managers, Directors of Information Security, Security Analysts, Security Engineers and Technology Risk Managers from major corporations and organizations.

HISPI's 2030 Vision is to help close the Cybersecurity talent and diversity gap related to Minorities, Veterans and Women.

HISPI 2030 Mission is to strategically create training, certification, mentoring, apprenticeship and job placement opportunities for 10,000 Minorities, Veterans (particularly Homeless) and Women in Cybersecurity to help fill the talent shortage of 3.5 million in 2021.


Training for everyone from accounting to your SOC

Contact: Jeff Peters

At Infosec, we believe knowledge is power when fighting cybercrime. We help IT and security professionals advance their careers with certifications and skills training. We also empower all employees with security awareness training to stay cybersafe at work and home. Driven by smart people wanting to do good, Infosec educates entire organizations on how to defend themselves from cybercrime. It’s what we do every day — equipping everyone with the latest security skills so the good guys win. Learn more at

Logical Operations

Contact: Jim Gabalski


Join us. Take a stance against BORING training and outdated certifications.

We develop and publish professional training courseware that completely transforms the student learning experience.

Corporations and government sectors, commercial training centers, and academic institutions across the globe rely on us to provide them with the highest quality training materials that drive their students forward. As students, professionals, and trainers ourselves, we are fascinated by the way adult education has evolved and are passionate about creating training curriculum that empowers each individual to develop to his or her fullest potential.

We like to call ourselves "a 40 year old start-up".

We have the experience and expertise of a 40-year-old company, combined with the enthusiasm and innovation of a fresh start-up.

The quality and breadth of the content we offer has established us as an industry leader.

Precision Execution LLC

No Wasted Movement

Contact: Joseph Lissenden


Precision Execution LLC is a boutique training, consulting and auditing firm. We specialize in completing challenging implementations on-budget and on-schedule.

Our trainers have a unique combination of experience in defense, cloud and 3rd party assessment. Our portfolio includes unaccredited CMMC course. We will offer the following CMMC accredited courses available in the Fall 2020:
  • Certified Cyber Professional;
  • Certified Assessor Courses (at all levels);
  • Certified Instructor; and
  • Certified Master Instructor.
We offer implementation software, Leaning Management Systems, Case Studies, employee training and more.

We deliver Exemplar Global certified courses in Information Security, Quality, Business Continuity, Service Management, Privacy Information Management Systems. We cover ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 22301, ISO 9001, AS9100D and ISO 20000-1.

We have existing partners and would like to talk to you about how you can fit into our open architecture.

SecureXperts, Inc. 

When Security is Not an Option

Contact: Desiree Carter


SecureXperts believes that the most effective way to utilize the human capital element is by being able to develop a workforce capable of ongoing mission critical cybersecurity resiliency. Which can only be accomplished by developing adaptive training technologies for product developers, system integrators, installers, stakeholders and end-users.

With today's emerging threat vectors and remote workforces, cybersecurity must be a shared responsibility in cybersecurity computing fundamentals and have a detailed understanding of how their organization’s information systems are protected and how they operate within regulated industries. Our curriculum meets Cyber Forward Initiatives for Industry Control Systems and IoT devices while meeting regulatory requirements and Industry best practices.

SecureXperts offers industry leading training curriculum in several disciplines:

We have over 19 year of curriculum development expertise for the defense industrial base.

Ecfirst  Perfecting the Art of Active Cyber Defense

Established in 1999, ecfirst delivers end-to-end tailored compliance and
cybersecurity services across the U.S. and five continents. Cyber services
have been successfully delivered to 1,000s of clients and are focused in
the areas of HITRUST, NIST, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, CMMC, ISO 27001,
PCI DSS, and more. The industries served by ecfirst include healthcare,
government, IT, financial services, legal, and education. From Managed
Compliance Services Program (MCSP) to On-Demand Consulting (ODC),
ecfirst delivers its services with complete devotion to its clients.
Thought leadership and knowledge transfer are at the core of ecfirst
certification credentials, including the Certified HIPAA Professional (CHP),
Certified Security Compliance SpecialistTM (CSCSTM) and the Certified
Cyber Security ArchitectSM (CCSASM) programs.
ecfirst is a HITRUST Authorized External Assessor and a HIMSS Approved
Education Partner. ecfirst is a 100% minority owned organization.



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