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Working Group Basics

Thank you for your interest and participation! We need your voice and insights!  

We are facing the challenge of building a fair, objective resource for the DoD to validate the cybersecurity posture of some 300,000 companies that serve the DoD.  

The CMMC-AB is determined to listen to, and collaboratively build this vital service with the industry that it serves and not for it.  For that to happen, we are organizing Working Groups that are both task-oriented, to solve problems that are particularly challenging, and open oriented to look at broader issues.


As some application periods close, new working groups will open.

The list below contains all Working Groups.  As some pass the participant application deadline they are closed, and others which become available remain open to new applicants.  The list is updated regularly.

Available Working Groups


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Previous Working Groups

CMMC Standards Management
Standards Management Committee Industry Working Group 
Status - In Progress

Credentialing Committee
Accelerating Initial Assessments Working Group 
Status - In Progress

Assessment Quality Assurance Working Group
Status - In Progress

CMMC Assessment Methodology Working Group - Iteration 1
Status - In Progress

Training Committee
Review of the Draft CMMC-AB Training and Certification Framework
Status - In Progress

Define Structure and Learning Objectives of the Provisional Certified Assessor Level 3 Examination
Status - In Progress

Develop a pool of exam questions for the Provisional Certified Assessor Level 3 Examination
Status - In Progress
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Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides oversight of the CMMC-AB financials to assure accuracy and completeness. To successfully accomplish the oversight role, the Audit Committee also oversees internal policies related to financial reporting integrity including conflicts of interest, document retention and destruction, protection of whistleblowers, and executive compensation and the Risk Management program.

Current Working Groups
None Available

Board Leadership
Akin Akinbosoye
Wayne Boline
Karlton Johnson

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Communications Committee

Establishing the CMMC-AB is an incredibly comprehensive, inter-dependent, and unique initiative.  The complexity behind the effort reveals itself in layers and affects communities compromising hundreds of thousands of people both in the U.S. and abroad.

The Communications Committee strives to establish communications that inform and excite all stakeholders in a transparent and consumable manner.  For communications that are transparent, yet consumable, the CMMC-AB needs creative and innovative thinking and design from day one.  Everything is new.  How do we communicate with impacted or interested stakeholders across the nation and across the world?

Current Working Groups
None Available

Board Leadership
Chair, Wayne Boline 

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Credentialing Committee

Builds and controls the process for validating assessment results, issue and track credentials for:

  1. Training material
  2. Training organizations
  3. Trainers
  4. C3PAOs
  5. Assessors
  6. Marketplace listings

Board Leadership
Chair, Jeff Dalton 
Co-Chair , Akin Akinbosoye 
Wayne Boline 


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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee paints the fiscal picture for the CMMC-AB, from pricing to funding, insourcing vs. outsourcing.

Help us build a cost-effective, transparent, compliant non-profit.  We are laying a foundation now, that will last generations.

Current Working Groups
None Available

Board Leadership
Chair, Yong-Gon Chon

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The Infrastructure Committee works with the DoD PMO to design and establish the shared, highly secure data store for the CMMC audit results.  In addition, the committee builds and maintains the web portal that is available for trainers, C3PAOs, assessors, and organizations to interact with the AB.  The web portal will include a marketplace for matching organizations with potential C3PAOs and solutions that can help address identified gaps in cybersecurity controls prior to certification.

Current Working Groups
None Available

Board Leadership
Chris Golden

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Nominations and Governance Committee

The CMMC-AB is committed to ensuring diversity of thought and diversity of membership in its board.  Guidance for nominees after the initial board includes:

  • 3 members from small business
  • 1 member from a large defense supply chain business or joint venture 
  • 1 member from the audit community
  • 1 member from the financial community
  • 1 member from the cybersecurity community
  • 1 member from the operational/risk management community
  • 1 member from academia
  • 1 member from the incident management community

Current Working Groups
None Available

Board Leadership
Chair, Charlie Williams


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Standards Management Committee


The DoD has provided a cutting edge CMMC model to the AB.  The Standards Committee must decide the thresholds for validating that an organization has met the standard for each control.  Its work is foundational to all of the other committees.  It will also look forward beyond today's standard to make recommendations to DoD for future inclusion in the CMMC model.

Board Leadership
Chair, Regan Edens 
Akin Akinbosoye 


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Strategic Relationships Group

The CMMC Strategic Relationships Group is the focal point for orchestrating and framing partnerships and alliances agreements on behalf of the AB. The group is comprised of the AB Lines of Effort Leads and the Vice Chairman and Governance.    
Strategic Relations includes, but is not limited to:

  • Partners where enduring collaboration is expected for mutual benefit.
  • Sponsors that provide event or initiative support
  • Donors that provide support legal gifts
  • Alliances or other entities that are interested in providing support to or strengthening the AB
 Near term objectives
  • FFRDC and UARC partnerships,
  • Extending AB engagement in other Federal agencies
  • Extending AB engagement with partnership nations

Board Leadership
Chair, Karlton Johnson

Photo of a hand drawing "time to learn" on a clock

Training Committee

Preparing an industry for a required assessment of cybersecurity posture requires effective delivery of training to both the assessors and their trainers.  The training committee will oversee the creation of:

  1. Training materials
  2. Training publication guidance
  3. Criteria for training
  4. Training tools
  5. Creation of the assessor, trainer, and other examinations
The #1 takeaway from our "One Thing" survey (available on the CMMC website in January 2020) was that assessors should be knowledge and competent in the materials reviewed during an assessment.  This committee will deliver.

Board Leadership
Chair, Ben Tchoubineh 
Co-Chair, Regan Edens 
Akin Akinbosoye 
Wayne Boline 
Jeff Dalton  


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