The CMMC-AB was formed in January, 2020.  We are building a non-profit organization from the ground up that will lead the nation and the world in the cyber arena.  The mission is huge and vital.  As a member of the professional staff your team will break new and innovative ground every day.  They will go above and beyond and be comfortable designing, planning, testing, failing fast, and repeating until we know what works.

Our core mission is to implement the CMMC objectives for DoD.  But more than that, we are an organization that will set the standard for innovation and trust.

What we don't know...   

We have built a notional org chart, but not a final one.  

We don't know who the professional leadership of our organization will be.  Our board is finalizing its formation and the staffing will follow.

We don't know the salaries, benefits or start dates for individual positions.  We do know that we will have competitive compensation with solid benefits for leaders and those dedicated to strengthening the cybersecurity posture of our nation.

We don't know the headquarters location, where our initial hiring will take place.  Early plans call for physical presence in multiple sites across the country.  We do believe that on a position-by-position basis remote positions may be available.

We don't know the faces that will make up our team.  We do know that our team will represent our values (see board page) will follow an ethical standard that will begin on day one, and be a diverse community of professionals.

But wait. We are just getting started. 

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There is much to come, we will provide information as we build it.

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