There are more than 350,000 vendors in the supply chain to the DoD, each of which will require assessment. We need people who are ready to make a difference. 

Whether you already have the years of experience and cyber-certs to assess companies at Level 4 or Level 5, or are just starting your career and have the desire to learn what it takes to perform basic examinations, your country needs you to protect of military's supply chain.


Assessors will receive a license from the CMMC-AB after completing the required training and passing an examination.
Assessors will NOT work for the CMMC-AB but will work for a C3PAO.
Assessors will receive a license at a level that matches the assessments they are permitted to conduct.  In the very near future, all contractors that do business with the DoD will need to meet at least Level 1 CMMC requirements. 

Experience requirements for higher-level assessors are likely to be required, but are not yet determined.

Assessors are required to obtain a security clearance.  The specific clearance levels are not yet determined.


What we don't know...   

Availability dates for training are not yet known.  Expect late Q1 or Q2 2020.

Training , content, structure, levels etc.  are not yet determined.

We do yet know the fees, locations, or authorized organizations providing training.


But wait. We are just getting started. 

Come back here often for detail and sign up below for alerts and emails. 

There is much to come, we will provide information as we build it.


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CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) Accreditation Body